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The Meaning of God Names from Different Religions

The world is full of different religions close to four thousand and three hundred by count. this number sums up all churches, denominations, faith groups, and culture among many. Nevertheless, the entire world population is concentrated with five major religions. These includes Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism. they do their things differently according to their beliefs in God. This also has an impact on how they call their god and the meaning on it. They call God in many different names which carry different meaning according to each.

Christianity is among the largest group in faiths. they trust in their God who has made everything on earth and in the heavens. Their God has reference to several names such as creator, savior, protector, messiah, and father among many others. They understand that their God craves for a personal relationship with a man so that the man can execute Gods purpose on the earth. Jesus is mentioned and referred to as the son of their God yet God himself many different names. It is also inclusive of numerous denominations around it. Some call Him Jehovah. The Christians believe in the Bible as the spoken and written word of God through which he speaks to them. they draw teachings, lessons, wisdom, and beliefs, and values from the Bible. just like Christ died and resurrected, they also believe in a life after death.

The other religion is Judaism, which is known to be a Hebrew version of Christianity. Though a less population, Judaism is practiced mainly by Hebrews and Jews. They call God Yahweh which in simple words means the lord. They will also use names like Elohim and Hashem to mean the same thing.

Islam is the other one embraced by the Muslim community of believers who call God Allah. They believe that Allah is very mighty and superior to any other being from many different names. they have other reference names for God amounting to ninety-nine. Hindu is the last in this line, and they believe in a spiritual being whom they call Shiva. This is illustrated with many arrows that point many directions to signify the manifestation of their god. They have several religious gods and goddesses that are manifested in their temples, rivers, idols, and animals among others. They believe that Shiva has been allowed to offer guidance to the followers in their life journey. Other names include Vishnu, which means the preserver and Ganapati who is the mover of obstacles. With all these differences and many different names you can be sure that this is a topic that you can never get rid of studying and learning more about as you add to your knowledge a few more fantastic things.

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