The pleasure of Cream

Do you fancy something good? Want to refresh yourself? Go for a stroll and buy something for your tooth. Your taste buds will surely satisfy great draught ice cream. Everyone likes a different flavor. Someone likes to be scramed when they get two flavors at the same time. Or maybe you're among the people who prefer one taste. The most popular flavor is still vanilla. Especially when it's really creamy!
Nanuk or draught?
It is spread on the tongue and cooled slightly. If you want goodness on a dogwood with chocolate and nut pieces, buy a nanuk. There are plenty of species on the market. Frosting can be from dairy or even bitter chocolate. Others prefer the draught. They like to be carried away with a distinctive taste and bite into the wafer. Whether you're a shot or a draught, you'll be refreshed by each of them in the summer.