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The Best Way Of Fixing Hardwood Floors To Guarantee Termite Control

Termites are usually useful for nutrient cycles and also bring major loses in wood structures among many other valuables. Most people with hardwood floors complain about termite attack to their floors than those with concrete floors and tiled floors. You can easily avoid termite attacks on your hardwood floors when you follow through the correct procedure of construction. This article will help you prevent risks of damage to your hardwood floors by termites.

The first and the most critical step in hardwood floor refinishing involves taking a keen look at the spaces between the floor planks. The essence of this step is to spot any pests, and especially termites under the floor. You can notify a termite control expert if you find any signs of termites. You should also be able to observe the type of hardwood floor used to know the care you ought to have while refinishing. While some floors like oak and pine are easier to work with, others, like mahogany and maple are more complex. If you have the assurance that you can begin the reconstruction process, you can then go on.

The next important termite control procedure in refinishing hardwood floors is conducting an adhesion test. Begin by selecting a small area where you will carry out the adhesion test. You should begin by cleaning the area of floor that you are dealing with using a floor cleaner. After cleansing the termite control area, sand it with a sanding screen and wipe off the extra residue. When the area is clean from dust, you can begin coating it with polyurethane. You should wait for about twenty-four hours to elapse before checking on the area. Apart from the dust, the area will be smooth. You can then press down on the surface using medium and even pressure to confirm that the solution will adhere properly.

You should then collect all the necessary flooring equipment that you will use. The most of the materials that are necessary are inclusive of the hammer, nail set, pliers, edge sander, box fan, power floor buffer, polyurethane floor sealant, work gloves, hearing protection, breathing protection, industrial grade vacuum cleaner and painter’s tape. You can easily find the aforementioned materials at your neighbors or buy from home improvement store near you or online.

After gathering the materials, clean the floor, carry out buffering and then do the finish. Cleaning helps to termite control the floor so that it becomes spotless. While buffing you should know that the sanding screen will wear out after about ten to fifteen minutes. You should not add the finish unless you have thoroughly cleared off all the dust from the floor. The floor finish that you will find easy to use is polyurethane.

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