Monthly Archives for May 2019

Do you need a car replacement?

Have you accidentally become unhappy with your car, and you need a quick replacement? If so, take advantage of our range of cars, which you can borrow at any time. Such a car rental will therefore be useful to anyone who needs help with it somewhere to drive, and so on. You will see that […]

A relaxed business with all sorts of

Because there are many people interested in doing business nowadays, it's a good idea to look at what options we have. It is sometimes very difficult to start, especially if you are not very focused in this area. Think, therefore, that selling companies will offer you exactly what you need. This service offers people who […]

Super session

Do not let the exclusive offer to buy a sofa that can impress your life not only by comfortable padding, but also by the quality of materials and the extraordinary work done by designers. Does your sofa belong to a set of veterans? Do you sit comfortably in your chair? Do you not fit the […]

I Fancy having fun with us

The fact that even fantasies are good with us, we can guarantee it. How can we afford to claim this? Very simple! Because the free online game portal is already a popular fixture on the Czech Internet, which entertains all ages of people from our smallest, or youngest, to the most unolder, grandmothers and grandmas. […]

We offer comfortable seating in living rooms

With our unique sofa beds, you will most often encounter living rooms, but are also suitable for sleeping in bedrooms or children's rooms. It is actually suitable for any room in your apartment. During the day, they can be used for sitting, for a night to sleep. They are of high quality, so everyday sleeping […]

Cabinets in different price ranges

You need quality, modern, efficient and affordable furniture such as Cabinets, beds, chest of drawers, tables, garden or children's furniture or even whole living walls or sofas? Then confidently contact us and use our online shop, where you will find furniture suitable both to your apartment and to the office. Furniture available The furniture offered […]

The pleasure of Cream

Do you fancy something good? Want to refresh yourself? Go for a stroll and buy something for your tooth. Your taste buds will surely satisfy great draught ice cream. Everyone likes a different flavor. Someone likes to be scramed when they get two flavors at the same time. Or maybe you're among the people who […]

Tasteless new Bedroom

When arranging your new apartment, you first took care of the beautiful cuisine and facilities in the living room. Now, however, the time has come to change your old and makeshift bedroom. Get a visualization from Pilsen furniture and discover how beautifully your private room might look. And if you make practical built-in wardrobes, you'll […]

Lavender sowing your body and soul

Today's time is characterized by a lack of time, which is all of us. The daily stereotype begins with an early onset, continues by taking the children to school, taking up the work process and ending up late arrival at home and going to bed. If you are tired after such a demanding cycle, there […]

Ideas for your home

The Winter Garden allows you to use 3D visualization to see how the final result will look, and you will be able to take a look at your winter garden before it is ready. We will help you to choose the shape of the winter garden with respect to the function and shape of your […]